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Latest Ashen Updates For Xbox One And PC

It’s been two weeks since the launch of Ashen and we couldn't be happier with the reception from critics and fans alike. Since launch we've been focused on new updates to Ashen on Xbox One and PC and your feedback and messages have been incredibly helpful throughout this time.

We dropped our latest update for Xbox One earlier this week and we’ve just launched a new update for PC today. Find the summary of the fixes and changes for the PC update below.

PC [] patch notes:

  • Various crash fixes

  • General bug fixes

  • The multiplayer filter code doesn't reset to off after a certain amount of time anymore

  • AI companion behaviour improvements

  • Backup saves are now generated to handle save data corruption issues

  • Multiplayer syncing improvements

  • Multiplayer disconnection if connection is poor to prevent multiplayer syncing issues

If you’ve encountered any issues while playing Ashen, please send an email with the details to Thank you for all your support since launch and we hope you enjoy playing Ashen over the Christmas break!



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