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Ashen to Release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, GOG and Steam!

Hi everyone! It is my absolute pleasure as your new Community Manager to announce that Ashen will be available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, GoG and Steam on December 9 2019!

Imagine relaxing back on a sofa, laying near a pool or sitting around a bonfire, while journeying through the Light of the Annex dungeon on your Switch.

How about chilling in your living room, experiencing those sweet PlayStation 4 graphics as you set sight on the Cracked Path for the first time, using the well loved Dualshock controller.

And for the PC lovers, Ashen is finally coming to crowd favourite Steam, and also GoG.

We listened to our passionate community, and are so very excited that more players than ever before will be able to delve deep into the world of Ashen, either on your own or with a friend.

For now, you are welcome to join our Discord server and our Reddit to chat with other members of the community and be a part of the hype!

So buckle up, and count down the days with us! Lorien


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