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Celebrating Two Months Since The Release Of Ashen

It’s been two months since the release of Ashen on Xbox One and PC and it has been an unbelievable and exciting time for the team. We wanted to look back on the past two months and celebrate the release of Ashen by sharing several updates with you, including new Ashen merchandise becoming available, the release of the soundtrack by e.hillman, the launch of our community Discord server and more!

The Reception To Ashen Since Launch

It has been surreal seeing how well received Ashen has been and the excitement around its release. From watching players stream it with friends, to checking out all the reviews and reading players stories across the internet, it has been something we could have only hoped for before Ashen's release.

We wanted to say thank you from the bottom of hearts to everyone who has followed us over the years in the lead up to Ashen's release, played it at and since launch and sent us wonderful messages and emails about how much you've enjoyed Ashen. It has meant the world to us and it has been a joy to watch our community grow over the past two months and to share our debut game with you.

It's been an incredible ride from the start and we have plenty more planned already for the future. For the meantime, read on below about what else we've been up to since the release of Ashen!

The Ashen launch trailer has reached over six million views, that is more than the amount of people that live in all of New Zealand!

Ashen's Soundtrack Is Out Now

One of the most exciting updates of this newsletter is the release of the Ashen soundtrack! Composed by e.hillman (Eric Hillman), a member of the American duo Foreign Fields, the soundtrack is now available for your listening pleasure on several services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Soundcloud and with more planned for the future .

There is also a vinyl record of the Ashen soundtrack on the way, although we don't have a release period set in stone yet for it, keep an eye on our social channels to make sure you don't miss out!

You can learn more about the inspirations and processes behind the composition of Ashen’s soundtrack in a thread on Twitter by Eric which you can read here. He plans to turn the thread into a blog post in the future and will be sure to share that with you once it’s up.

New Ashen Merchandise Now Available

Recently our publisher Annapurna Interactive added new Ashen merchandise to their online store, in the form of a sweet t-shirt, designed by members of the A44 team, featuring the stoic faces from the cast of Ashen. Pick it up today on the Annapurna Interactive online store along with the fantastic Jokell pin you would have seen at conventions over the past few years. If you pick a shirt or pin up be sure to share it on social media and tag us in your post so we see you rocking your new Ashen gear!

Ashen Has A Community Discord Server!

In the week following the release of Ashen we launched the A44 games/Ashen Discord community server. Since then, it's grown to over 1300 members and become an awesome hub filled with passionate Ashen fans talking about the game, pairing up to take on the darkness and sharing fan art and more. So if you're a Discord user be sure to come join our server and be part of our growing community!

Ashen/A44 Games Discord Community -


That's it for this blog post but be sure to follow or like us on your preferred social media platform to ensure you are up to date on everything to do with Ashen and A44 Games in the future. We'll see you out there!



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